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Public Information:

Below are some of the resources to assist the public with the appraisal process. This is a new page we are still working on adding additional information. Please see our Forms page for commonly used forms, or our Agendas page for board meeting and budget meeting agendas.

Appraisal Information Videos:

Mass Appraisal Reports and Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

A: This site only displays the information provided by the appraisal district. You will need to contact the appraisal district and inform them of the wrong information. Each appraisal district has their own procedure for reporting changes.
A:The appraisal information is as of certication. The tax information is updated nightly.  
A:The data that is being presented on this website is public record and available under laws governing the public’s right to access public information. We cannot selectively remove or withhold this information.
A:This error generally occurs when the search criteria is too broad to complete the search before the set time limit. Narrow the search down by providing additional search criteria.
   A:Please make all tax payment checks payable to Jackson County Tax Assessor-Collector.

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